About Us

We as an initiative are centred around drawing out the genuine potential of Uttarakhand.

“Deradun”, an initiative to get the people back to their roots. A platform for all those who believe in the untapped potential this city has.

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand and home to 17 lakh people, rich in natural resources is now being ghosted because of migration. The trend of migration suggests that Uttarakhand is no longer considered to be a place for sustainable Jobs and development. People are forced to leave behind their roots, families, and culture to earn a decent income. Lack of support and economic factors are putting oil to the fire. But the most affected is the agriculture sector.

Farmers from the rural area are migrating to big cities for better opportunities, but in reality, they are struggling every day to earn each rupee. Due to lack of local support, less knowledge and big companies in the market, farmers in Uttarakhand are left with no option but to sell their produce at dirt cheap prices or leave farming and eventually migrate.

This is where we want to make the difference.

We wish to support our local farmers who are deeply affected by migration and are compelled to sell their high quality produce at dirt cheap prices. We as an initiative are focused on bringing out the true potential of Uttarakhand by creating opportunities for our farmers who need just a little push to revive our century old heritage.

YOUR CITY, YOUR PEOPLE needs you and it’s time we stand up for the cause, it’s time we give back something, it’s time to get back to the roots, eat healthy by procuring local produce, help the local farmer, and let’s make a sustainable progressive UTTARAKHAND.