Distress Sale- Distress Thoughts

A farmer who puts more than he has and can afford, still he’s neglected and left for distress sale resulting in stressed and suicidal thoughts.  Imagine running a house for less than 6500 Rs a month. Children school fee, food, electricity, health and medicine, transportation & much more. We have probably agreed that the farmer has to stay in the strata that he was born in or lower it. Hopes for his growth are long lost dream with these statistics. This creates a vicious cycle and most of the time farmers suffer from mental distress. Often they might see the suicide as the only solution for their families.

According to National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) 2012-13 average farmer in India earns only 6,426 Rs per month in which the share of income from cultivation is 47% and rest comes from non-agricultural activities. If we talk about Dehradun itself, you should once visit our Mandi and grab some gourds at even 1 Rs a KG. That is what the farmer’s efforts are worth.

How sad! Our feeders die for want of food!

Our real farmers are agriculture labourers. They are known for their very look. It is a look of despair. They look more dead than alive. There is hardly a line of a smile on their faces or a ray of hope in their hearts. They are hungry and almost left to die!

These poor people are hopelessly ignorant. If we focus deeply on it, day by day farmers are discouraging by this helpless society and we can understand that farmer’s conditions are based on their experience and also on their determination.

Hence, here we conclude that it is better to give them support, it is better to focus on the issue which is weakening our roots. Let’s Support them for better future.

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