Why Dehradun?

The Unlimited Potential of the state and city is not hidden from anybody , a little tough to achieve under the current scenario but it’s WE who need to act. There are plenty undermined sector which can flourish here like tourism, hospitality, adventure sports, post-harvest processing, Horticulture, Herbs and a lot of service based industries which needs a proper formal training.
Dehradun has incomparable schooling system, we have the worlds best minds spread around the globe, we just need to converge.

Anyone who comes here will fall in love with Dehradun. Life here is much more simple and at ease than the metropolitan city. With the passing time streets may be crowded with traffic yet there is peace. Peace in the mind of people. There is not much competition and showing off to others, simple life is what people lead here. Something, Somewhere that remains the same – #BackToTheRoots

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